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Hello, What the best place to earn money with html5 games ? (armor, itch, Y8)

i inserted a coin on my computer but it still won't allow P2 to join pls fix this bug

It only takes Canadian Toonies from 2010 - 2012, it's a weird bug, but you'll need to get your hands on that :)

eh its $ 1.95 USD i might get one for P2

Hey Guys,

Thank you for the new update. For me, that was the best game of the Palette Jam. No doubt!
Congratulations on the great work!

I’m working on a shmup so it’s interesting to see how assembling simple components the right way makes it feel like a shooter very fast.

I’ve arrived after the patch, but I’ve read the devlog so I know what you’ve fixed/improved already. My feedback from this point:


  • Cannot navigate in the menus with arrows nor WASD (WASD may even confirm a letter in the leaderboard Enter Your Name screen?). App doesn’t seem to take focus even after mouse click, so down arrow scrolls the page down. Is it a limitation of Phaser, or the template used?

Flow / UI

  • Sequence between levels a bit long, as it’s always the same but nothing special happens, and it’s not skippable? Having a break is nice, but in this case:
  • It would be nice to be able to pause with Escape, Enter or P. A small pause message not hiding the screen even better, so I can take a good screenshot (some games make it blink, so you can actually take a screenshot without the pause message at all).
  • I see the arcade reference “insert a coin” for P2. Just like the old Continue screen you mentioned on the devlog (that I have never seen, just imagine), that may be interpreted as a potential second player mode by the player, while it’s really one-player. I don’t know if you intend to add one anyway, so you kept it in the screen. Either way, the metadata said single player so I didn’t hesitate too much on this one.

Player feedback

  • Missiles lack launch SFX
  • Last boss has no life gauge, no brightness change on hit, no phase change nor different animation played when reaching a certain threshold of life, and repeats the same evade sequence 3 or 4 times. So after some time it gets hard to know which point we’re at and if shooting it the standard way is really effective.


For the simplicity it’s aiming at I think it’s enough. However:

  • 5 levels may be a lot for this amount of content. I still felt the progression, but 3-4 levels may be enough. Or shorter levels, depending on how you want to segment things.
  • Missiles are not exactly weak, but they are spread all over the level, reducing their impact. Usually it’s enough to kill any unit, so why not. But in practice, some units are hidden behind asteroids, while others split on death (and there is only one wave of missile, so the split parts always survive). Targeted missiles (small cone) would be more efficient to fully destroy such units and damage things around. Spread missiles can be useful too, so at least having the choice between spread and targeted mode with a button would help (but I admit that would make more complex inputs)

That said, I see it’s a jam game. And it has a much better feel as a shmup than my current prototype I spent months on! Good job!

Awesome game. Dead on feels like an old arcade shooter, A+

Beautiful. Very fun!

Loved it


First off, I love the music. Second, Infinity Break is a pretty good, if fairly challenging, little arcadey shooter. I'm terrible at it, but had a lot of fun. Has some nice enemy animation as well, so long as they keep their tentacles to themselves.

Good job, devs.

Glad to hear this will be patched post jam, bcuz yeah I can't tell at all what I'm seeing

Powerups look very cool though!

got a big ol' list of stuff that needs to be patched, don't forget to either check back or follow meh for the update :)

Echoing what previous comments said: the tiny green projectiles don't stand out enough, not only because the stars in the background are tiny white dots, but also because they spawn before the enemies show up. and the game won't let me continue when I die. 

As soon as the jam is over (Dec 6) this will be patched up to be better :)

Pretty nice game. A bit annoying to get used to the really small enemies and especially their bullets. The Continue is not working btw, which is annoying, because it does get a bit repetitive and don't feel like starting over in level 1 again.

Nice shotter! That shield mechanic I rarely see in this kind of games, the graphics and the rhythm I liked a lot. It was a bit unfair that the enemies are so small, but other than that it's an entertaining game


I will break infinity


be careful infinity doesn't break you